Therapedic Mattresses

#1 Brand Alternative - We are smaller than the big brands, which allows us to be more responsive to you - our customers. Yet, we have a strong reputation, giving our brand the credibility that off-brands cannot match. Although we are not a household name , we offer a better mattress at a lower price because we do not run large advertisement campaigns.


We Know Comfort & Sleep


 Quality materials and expert craftsmanship combine to bring you mattresses and sleep products that are made to last, giving you the most comfort and best value for your sleep investment.

Durability & Value


 Our mattresses are designed to support your body with a healthy night's rest and our top of bed products are designed to maximize your comfort and sleep experience.

We Use Quality Materials


 We source suppliers globally for quality materials to build the most comfortable mattresses and sleep products that can be found almost anywhere in the world.

Additional Support Where You Need It Most . . . It’s BackSense® By Therapedic.


 Our exclusive Hour Glass feature increases support firmness by 18% at the shoulders and hips and 13% at the lumbar area. This flexible technology can be combined with virtually any coil unit to offer improved performance and added value at any price point. 

Exclusive, enhanced support grid increases firmness in critical areas.


 Open spring design provides progressive resistance as weight is applied,

improving support where body weight is centered.

Zoned coil configuration allows for the density of coils to vary across the sleep surface in order to offer tailored support to every part of your body.

Maintain Proper Spinal Alignment


 Research has shown that anatomically correct support for your spine helps keep your back healthy and can have therapeutic benefits. To maintain proper spinal alignment, our Hour Glass Back Support® System provides zones of support for the different regions of your spine. This allows you to rest in a completely neutral position for optimum rest and recovery. 

If you need to replace your foundation

Heavy Duty Wood Foundation


     Our Rock Island plant is fortunate to be partners with the local Amish community who produce all of our wood products.   


Thick seasoned Canadian Pine is just some of our quality benefits.

2 Staggered Cross Braces 

Center Head to Toe Support   


        Center Head to Toe Support 

2 Anti Sway Braces  

Perpendicular support blocks aka “Buffalo Design” for  added strength.

     Deluxe Firm Gripping Nails    

Getting great quality sleep is essential to your health and it all starts with the right mattress.  As a fourth-generation, family owned and operated mattress company, we believe there’s only one way to properly build a mattress, and that is one at a time with thorough attention to detail and using only great quality components.  The result is a great bed built to last and better, healthy sleep.