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Memory Foam Beds


    Come in and try the Next Generation Memory Foam Beds – all the comfort of memory foam, without the negatives!

    The Benefits of Memory Foam

    Temperature responsive properties relax tensed muscles and promote relief by conforming to the shape and weight of your body. Provides excellent neck and spine protection and natural spinal alignment as it eliminates the possible damage caused by body pressure.

    Enhances better blood circulation and avoids muscle soreness caused by the compression.

    Relieving stress and tension are crucial for every good night’s sleep. Conventional pillows, mattresses and cushions restrict blood flow, cause pressure to build up, resulting in pain, forcing bodies to toss and turn throughout the night. Our memory foam is specifically designed to offer a scientifically proven alternative to conventional sleep surfaces. Our memory foam beds are made of high tech temperature-sensitive material. The cells of the memory foam are specially designed to shift when displaced and reorganize their position to conform to the contours of your body. The result is, our memory foam mattresses will provide great stress relieving comfort and reduce tossing and turning by up to 80%

    We offer many Next Generation memory foam beds, developed to solve the three objections people have had to the original memory foam beds.

    • They feel they sleep warm.
    • They find it difficult to turn over.
    • They cost too much. (A lot of the cost is Tempur-Pedic’s $65+ million advertising.)

    Our memory foam is manufactured for us by one of the largest memory foam suppliers in the world. (They also make foam for big name brands like Sealy, etc.)

    Ergo Check Comparison: Conventional Mattress vs. Memory Foam Mattress
    A test measured by Ergo check (an advanced pressure analyzing system) proved the effectiveness of the pressure-relieving properties of memory foam:

    b1Diagram A shows the pressure points on the person sleeping on a conventional mattress. Red and purple colors indicate high pressure points that result in tossing and turning throughout the night since blood and oxygen occlusion occurred.

    b2Diagram B shows the result of a person sleeping on a Memory Foam mattress. The dark green, light green and yellow colors indicate a lower pressure level. The person is in a stress relieving sleeping environment. The result is that the memory foam mattress has effectively minimized the tossing and turning throughout the night, making these mattresses.

    Why Memory Foam?

    Visco elastic memory foam was originally developed for NASA in the 1960’s, for the astronauts undergoing the high pressure of G-forces. It is a dense foam that molds to the shape of your body. As with most developments in the space program, they are public domain, anyone has access to this research. It was soon realized that this high density elastic memory foam was ideal for relieving pressure on burn patients, this is how the trend of Memory or Visco Elastic foam started.

    Memory foam is a commodity! Foam is a non-toxic chemical composition. To derive a foam’s chemical composition, it is mixed and poured into large vats. The memory foam then cures for a certain amount of time before it is ready to be cut into a mattresses or pillows. Depending on the chemical composition, manufacturers are able to make many different density foam products. The good news is that now the consumer is able to sleep on this visco elastic memory foam mattress at a tremendous cost savings since there are many manufacturer’s and marketer’s in the bedding industry all selling the similar mattresses. As with all commodity products, the consumer ultimately benefits once supply and demand is qualified.

    Tempur-Pedic™ and national mattress companies also have to spend large amounts of money advertising via television and print media. This cost ultimately gets passed along to the consumer at the retail level. We do not have this cost so we are able to sell the exact same visco elastic memory foam mattresses to the consumer well below Tempur-Pedic™. The bottom line is; visco elastic memory foam is far superior to inner spring mattresses for its comfort and pressure relieving capabilities. Knowledgeable consumers have the upper hand when it comes to sorting through all the hype and are able to make a sound purchasing decision while saving a significant amount of money.

    * Here’s the small print: You should sleep on your new mattress for 14 days. Between the 15th and 60th day, you may reselect to a different mattress. If you choose a more expensive mattress, simply pay the difference. We will issue a store credit if you select a lower priced mattress. The Better Sleep Council recommends sleeping on your new sleep surface for a minimum of 14 days, to give you a chance to adjust to your new sleep surface.

    **Tempur-Pedic® is a registered trademark of Temper-Pedic®, Inc and is used only to illustrate differences between products.