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Latex Mattresses

We offer Pure Talalay Bliss and Natural Sensation Latex Mattresses

pure TalalayBliss

pure TalalayBLISS Beautiful Mattress

pure TalalayBLISS Natural Mattress

Pure Latex Bliss – Pamper Mattress

Natural Sensations

Natural Sensations

* As the leader in latex mattresses in the Mid-West, we search out the best value in latex mattresses, and these mattresses exceed our expectations.

Since 1919,  The Bedding Group A fourth-generation, family owned and operated mattress company, believe there’s only one way to properly build a mattress, and that is one at a time with thorough attention to detail and using only great quality components.  

The result is a comfortable mattress built to last and a happy, healthy sleeper.

sound mind. sound body. sound sleep. 2014 Natural SensationsViolet

Natural Sensations Diffeence

Natural Sensations

Natural Sensations

Natural Sensations Amish Box

Natural Sensations Amish Box