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Cool Gel Memory Foam

When introduced almost 20 years ago, we were pioneers in the newest mattress breakthrough, memory foam mattresses, designed to relieve pressure points. This allowed a more comfortable nights sleep without all the tossing and turning, circulation restrictions, numb extremities, and lower pack pain from a mattress being too flat and not conforming to your body.

This was a big improvement, but they had a few drawbacks, being warm to sleep on for some and they were expensive. Working with some of our mattress manufacturers we helped design mattresses that slept cooler  and were more reasonably priced.

We have been specializing in this type of mattress ever since, and many improvements have come about over the years, providing a great night sleep for our customers. 

Here are some of the current models we offer:                                                         Cool Gel Hybrids

Boyd Specialty Sleep mattressCool Gel Hybrids