Flotation beds

Looking for a mattress that can always sleep cool? Then again, perhaps you would like a bed that sleeps warm. A flotation system delivers a temperature controlled sleep surface that will never sleep hot! Unless you want it to. Solid-state temperature control allows you to set the temperature wherever you like. We have customers who complain that they sleep warm on whatever bed they have. If you turn down a flotation bed’s temperature, it will cool you, no matter how warm you sleep.

In addition, a flotation system gives excellent support without any pressure points!

You may be surprised if you are not familiar with Softside Flotation beds. To look at the mattress it would appear to be a conventional mattress. The mattress sits on top of a box foundation and the mattress itself can look like a regular pillowtop mattress. The mattress top has a zipped on cover. Inside the mattress are durable foam rails that create a well for the flotation mattress.

We offer Softside flotation systems in Queen and King size, with either single mattress or dual mattresses and dual temperature controls.

Stop by and try out a state of the art flotation system!

Softside Waterbed

Softside Waterbed