About Us

About Mattress and Futon Outlet

 We know how important good support  and comfort in mattress are to a healthy lifestyle. Our goal has always been to help provide a good night sleep for our customers.

We are a family owned business serving the Saint Louis metro area since 1968. We learned years ago that providing a great nights sleep for our customers would lead to many referrals from friends and family that would also benefit from a better nights sleep.

We have a very low overhead. Rather than paying high rent like our competitors, (many who are in very high rent locations), we have owned all but one of our locations for decades. We have a long lasting relationship with our suppliers, allowing us to make use of the many special buys they bring to us, giving us the ability to compete with the “Big Guys”.  (Retailers with 50 to 500 locations often cannot make use of a truckload or two of special purchases, close-outs, canceled orders, etc.)

You won’t see a lot of expensive full color newspaper ads, billboards, TV or radio advertising from us, making it another reason we consider ourselves one of the ‘best kept secrets in town’. Much of our business is from referrals and loyal customers who return year after year. Our sales associates average more than 15 years experience.

We have the largest selection of Latex, Gel and Memory Foam beds in the area, as well as a great selection of innerspring beds. Besides helping you get a good, healthful nights rest, we offer bedroom furniture, futons, daybeds, bunk beds, children’s furniture and waterbeds.

Sleep like a dog? Sleep is necessary, comfort is a choice.

Sleep like a dog? Sleep is necessary, comfort is a choice.

Buy local when possible and help the community you live in.

Buying local supports your local economy